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Our software MultiTrace (MT) is designed to analyze telemetric data.

  • Depth and water temperature data (e.g. TDR's) in order to obtain dive and dive bout characteristics.
  • Temperature data where internal stomach temperature probes are used to calculate the mass of ingested food.
  • Light data (e.g. LTD's). Calculation of positions (ie the route) by light data (geolocation).
  • Deadreckoning. Combinations of velocity, direction and depth/altitude data for route calculation.
  • Calculation of pH-values acquired by temperature- and pH-sensors.
  • Data of beak sensors.
  • Data of flipper sensors.

MultiTrace (MT) consists of the
basic module and one or several analysis-modules (depth, temperature,..). Thus there exist a certain MT to analyze dives, another version of MT is able to analyze light data and so on. MT can import and visualize several data channels simultaneously. The standard version handles up to three channels, but there are also versions which processes up to 12 channels. MT visualizes the data as an x-y-graph, each data channel in it's own window.

All versions of MT contains features for pre-processing the data - if it is necessary: Baseline trekking, curve smoothing, deletion of peaks, clock drift correction, frequ. distribution, add constant data or ramps, insertion, inversion, deletion or data replacement, thin out or expand the data, calculation of mean, standard deviation, integral, linear regression, splining ... and more - of any section of the data. All data changings are reversible by an undo function.

The user may zoom in and out in horizontal and vertical direction. Any section of the the imported data can be exported binary or text formatted. The data can be represented graphically in various ways. There is an overview of the common features of all MultiTraces in the manual (see: The basic module, Baseline trekk., Process data, )

However, the main capability of MT is the analysis of data recorded by various sensors deployed to (wildlife) animals. More information about the specific analysis programs is at the corresponding sites. The manual explains the common features of all MultiTraces and the analysis of dive events. Please contact us ( for prices and additional detailed information or in case you have special wishes concerning the analysis of for your data. We are looking forward to your requests!


MultiTrace-Dive displaying 3 channels

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