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The pH-Analysis

This module converts pH-data recorded by devices of the company earth&OCEAN to exact pH-values.The calculation of the pH-values depends on the temperature that must have been recorded simultaneously with the pH-data.

Fig.1 A section of the data at the begin of the measurements. The upper window shows the pH-data, the lower window shows the temperature data. At the begin the sensor had been dipped into four specific pH-solutions (so called 'buffers') in order to calibrate the sensor.

Fig 2) Calibration 1st step. The user has set succesivily the working cursor to the sections of the buffer solutions and he has filled in the temperarture at the calibration phase . MT calculates the mean recorded pH-data and fills it into the according edit-fiields. At the end of the experiment there was no calibration phase, thus these edit-fields remain zero.

Fig 3) Calibration 2nd step. MT performs a linear regression of the buffer values against the recorded pH-data. The results of these lin. regression are important for the conversion. In case the linear regression is sufficient, then the user can convert the pH-data to pH-values.

Fig. 4 MT made the conversion from raw recorded pH-data to exact pH-values

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