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The Deadreckon Analysis (Route)

There are several modules to calculate the route of an animal deployed by a logger. Generally the route will be calculated by direction (compass-values), speed and altitude/depth. Some loggers contain a 2-D-compass, other a 3-D-compass (direction and pitch/tilt). Some loggers do not measure the speed. In this case the speed-channel is to set by the user (by knowledge of the mean-speed of the animal in question). Some analysis-modules expect and process weather data (e.g. wind speed and direction) others not. All analysis modules are able to perform a drift correction - in case start and end point are known and exports the calculated route text-formatted. The route will be displayed on a simple globe to proof the correctness of the result. The globe can be rotated, tilted and zoomed. However, the globe is not intended as a geographical system, instead only a simple additional tool to get an overview of the route.
Please contact us and inform us about the specification of your logger-system, maybe we already have the solution for you - and if not we surely can create it.

Fig 1) The program MT-Comp6. This is a MultiTrace for six channels: compass1, compass2, temperature, speed, wind speed, wind direction. Wind data can be filled either from a file or can be filled in manually. The wind information is used to correct the drift induced by wind.

Fig 2) A test of the recorder (riding by bicycle) and of the software MT-Compass leads to a nearly perfect reconstruction of the driven route:

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