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Prices, Order


All MultiTrace versions (MT-Dive, MT-Temp,...)
6 month
1 year
2 years
5 years
Full version
Euro 280 380 480 780 900.
Miscellaneous programs
PosAtDive QuotDist FillGap
Euro 140 140 140 140 140. 140
MT Dive

Shipment by DHL: 41 Euro additional.

Purchase options

We offer for all programs
- unlimited licenses
- time limited licenses (6 months, 1 year, 2 years)
- trial versions

Discounts are possible when ordering several programs or if orders come from less-developed countries.

Always including: free and quick support by email.

   We offer also to analyze your data.

The MutliTrace programs are protected by a 'dongle'. The dongle is a hardware key, it looks like a USB-stick. MT only runs if the dongle plugs at he USB-port.

Multiple licences

Multiple licences:
1st licence 100%
2nd licence 66%
3rd licence 45%
4rd licence 30 %
5th licence 25 %
6th licence 25 %
: : :

Ordering and delivery

We deliver either after having received an official purchase order or after having received the money on our account. In any case you have two weeks to evaluate the software. If you are not content with the software and you therefore send back the dongle within this period then the deal is canceled and you either get back your money (in case you paid in advance) or you get no invoice (in case you had ordered by purchase order) . Of course we can send you a proforma invoice if desired, as PDF file or on paper, stamped.



Pressing 'Send' does not lead to a valid order. Please wait for email reply by Jensen Software.


MT-users can update or upgrade to the newest release of MT. The upgrade fee depends on the currently used version. Please request for the current update price for your MT.

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